Windows and doors

Windows and doors

Wood – is a traditional natural material for the production of windows and doors. Products, which are made from it, inherit all its properties: low thermal conductivity, expressed sound-proof characteristics, the ability to “breathe”, environmental friendliness. Modern wooden windows and doors are not only practical and functional, but also elegant. Particular appeal to wooden windows and doors provides decoration.

Modern wood processing technologies and fabrication of constructions significantly increased the durability of wooden windows and doors. Wooden windows and doors, nowadays, can serve well for decades. During the manufacturing windows and doors, wood is treated with special environmentally friendly impregnation that prevent premature aging and deterioration of wood both inside and outside. Therefore, thanks to modern technologies in painting, the wood in the windows remains 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

An excellent property of wooden products is their high strength at relatively low weight: the wood of some rocks is compared to the strength of the steel alloy.

Consequently, the advantages of windows and doors of natural wood are:

– low thermal conductivity;

– high strength with small volume mass, which provides high constructive quality;

– low sound conductivity;

– high frost resistance and low coefficient of temperature linear expansion;

– environmental friendliness;

– does not emit toxic substances in comparison with plastic products and products from other materials;

– ease of handling;

– attractive appearance;

– maintainability.

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