Glulam houses

While log houses are being built for many centuries, the production of glued laminated timber houses is a completely new technology. Logs for such houses are glued from wooden beams, and then further machined. Logs can be glued vertically or horizontally. It is very important that the logs glue together with an environmentally friendly glue … Continued

Bathhouses and gazebos

Previously, most residential buildings were built of wood, as wood was the most accessible and easy of usage material. Today, the diversity of building materials is huge, but the construction of wooden structures remains very popular. Nowadays, the so-called eco-style is widespread, therefore the use of natural materials is also in demand. In recent years, … Continued

Frame houses

A short time ago, it was believed that frame houses are designed for seasonal residence and embody the cheapest option of cottage construction. Today, it turned out that most private homes in America and Europe (especially in Scandinavia) – are frame.   Nowadays, frame technology – one of the most sought in the construction of … Continued

Warehouses and sheds

In our country, such sphere as trade is well developed. In order to present the goods to the consumer, entrepreneurs choose different constructions, that are created specifically for solving this problem. Often for this purpose, the making of sunshades, warehouses and sheds is ordered. Prices for the construction of such buildings may vary significantly. Construction … Continued

Windows and doors

Wood – is a traditional natural material for the production of windows and doors. Products, which are made from it, inherit all its properties: low thermal conductivity, expressed sound-proof characteristics, the ability to “breathe”, environmental friendliness. Modern wooden windows and doors are not only practical and functional, but also elegant. Particular appeal to wooden windows … Continued