Fuel briquettes

Fuel briquettes RUF – are the fuel of the future because of it’s unique properties. Density of briquettes is 1250 kg / m3. This is two and a half times more then density of conventional wood. As a result – a huge calorific value of briquettes – about 4800 K / Calories per kg. That is about the same as one of the best fuels – coal (4 500 – 5300 K / Calories per kg).

Briquettes from sawdust are very compact and take up much less space than other fuels. Fuel briquettes from sawdust are burning producing nice and smooth flames, with constant very high temperature combustion. Burning time 1 – 1, 5 hours, but it smolder for several more hours. After combustion, ash weight is less than 1%. While the post-combustion of coal ash is 30-40%, and wood – 8 – 15%. Boilers running on fuel briquettes have to be cleaned up 1 times a year, and ash is environmentally friendly fertilizer.

Briquettes are safe for health, because it does not contain contaminants and do not emit any substances toxic to humans and the environment. There is no need to modify an existing heating equipment. Briquettes are ideal for all standard central heating boilers, furnaces and fireplaces, all types of furnaces, boilers for wood. Burning briquettes are completely safe, because it does not emit carbon and not sparkle.